Host Families

Host families are truly the backbone of our programs. Hosting students from other countries brings new dimensions into a family’s life, one of the most rewarding experiences a family can have.


Available Programs

Fujimi High School

Salem, Oregon

Returning summer of 2021

Kansai Group

Newberg, Oregon

Returning summer of 2021

Chiba Eiwa High School

Medford, Oregon

Returning summer of 2021



Our Process


Background Checks

Prospective families are background screened



Prospective families will have home interviews


Reference Check

All families have multiple references checjed

Families are selected using a variety of criteria, which includes having a safe and comfortable environment for the students.



Are you to busy?

Then we need you!!


Are you over scheduled?

Then we need you!!


Are things crazy in your family?

Then we need you!!

Students love to be involved in whatever your family is doing. (Sports, shopping, hiking, watching TV, hanging out.)  They just want to go with and become apart of your family!




Students will need three meals a day.  During the weekdays students will need a sack lunch while they attend their education classes.  A generous stipend is given to families to offset extra expenses.


Spending Money

All students come with spending money to buy gifts for family members back home, extra activities, and snacks.

CGI provides financial compensations for families who participate in our programs.

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What Our Families Say

When I arrived in Oregon, I met my host family who changed my life later. Of course, I faced a problem which is a language barrier soon. I could not understand what they were saying and speak English. The language barrier made me be quiet and look like a strange guy. However, they took care of me very much and were so nice to me. I cannot express how much they are nice with words. Even though I could not speak English, they shared American and Oregon culture with me and asked me about Japanese culture a lot, so I learned so many things from them.

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Hosting a Japanese exchange student has been the highlight of our summer for the past seven years. It is such a wonderful experience for both our children and us. We are told it is an experience of a lifetime for these girls, but really the true blessing is ours because the memories we create with these girls will last a lifetime. I would recommend this to anyone, young, old, kids, no kids. Host a student. It will touch a young girl’s life forever!!!

Salem, Oregon Host Family

WE LOVE HOSTING! We love the experience we get from hosting and watching the students experience a new country and way of living. The relationships are undeniable. You WILL get attached, and be sad when they leave. You will also be a better person because of them. There’s just something about welcoming two strangers from the other side of the world, into your home. We can’t wait for next year!

Kristina & Kristal

“Our First Host Family Experience:

CGI reached out and asked us to host a Japanese student for a couple of weeks this past summer, but we had no idea what to expect since we had never done anything like that before.  We decided to take the plunge and are so grateful and happy that we did.  Timelle and her team did an amazing job putting everything together, providing all of the information to put us at ease, and pairing us up with the perfect girl.  Natsume was such a joy to have in our home.  We only had her for a couple of weeks, but we feel like she’s a part of our family now.

Nate and Dawn Dunn

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