Short Term Programs

Cultural Gateways, Inc. (CGI) is located in the State of Oregon. We develop and manage programs for educational groups desiring a short-term (one week to four weeks) English and Homestay experience. Middle and high school students as well as special interest adult groups have found this variety of activities and interaction with American families to be an invaluable part of their international education. To view a sample schedule of a short term program, please click here.

Please contact to learn more about our program locations and the services we offer.

Academic Year Programs

Educational Gateways International (EGI) is an affiliate of Cultural Gateways, Inc. Our mission is to assist students who desire to study at an American high school during the academic year. This could be as short as a 3-month program (term program). The majority of international students who attend American high schools do so with the intention of studying there for several years with the end goal of graduating and preparing to enter a U.S. college or university.

  • Assist students through the high school application process
  • Guide students through a two-week orientation that prepares them for success in an American high school
  • Care for the students throughout the school year by providing a counselor who will complete monthly reports that include academic and social information to be sent to the student's parents, school and/or agency.